Local Authorities

Bommel UK helps Local Authorities turn existing highway infrastructure such as roundabouts and lighting columns into valuable income generating assets without any risk, financial outlay or additional workload for the Council.

Because the sponsored signs are aimed primarily at local companies they also help boost the local economy by offering local businesses an opportunity to promote themselves in a cost effective way that might otherwise not be possible for them.

We offer Local Authorities a complete top to bottom management and administrative service from audit and set-up through to sales, sign manufacture, installation, invoicing and income collection.

To ensure transparency and safeguard the Council’s income we operate a full open book policy and all financial transactions are kept as part of a separate and specific cost centre with a detailed audit trail for each advertising location.

We work hand in hand with our Dutch sister company NPB bv on all projects which gives you, as a Council, valuable inside access to Local Authority income generation trends throughout Europe.

Call us today to see how we can help you start generating valuable income streams from your existing highway assets.