Roundabouts and lampposts are as close as you can get to the perfect place to promote your company. They are prime roadside locations seen by thousands of motorists an hour – no other form of advertising makes your company so visible to so many people for so little money.

We offer three distinct advertising opportunities:

  • Roundabout Sponsorship gives you up to four large signs on the roundabout of your choice – one facing traffic approaching from each direction.
  • Banners are a vibrant and colorful form of lamppost advertising great for promoting special events such as sales, openings and launches.
  • MediaLights are internally illuminated lamppost advertisements designed to let everyone know you are in the area and to direct them straight to your door.
  • Unlike almost every other form of advertising our signs are working hard for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year – for as little as £4 a day. Whether you choose a Roundabout, a Banner or a MediaLight our expert designers will work with you to make sure your advertisement gets noticed and is remembered by the thousands of potential customers who drive past it each day.

    Call us today to see how our advertising opportunities can work for you.